Eagle Lake Improvement
Association, Inc. 
Edwardsburg, MI
Welcome to Eagle Lake!

Our Mission:
To Improve, Promote and Preserve the Quality of "Lake Life" in the Eagle Lake Area, since 1961.


Every year a few lake residents carefully inspect the icing of Eagle Lake.  Date is recorded when the entire lake has iced over.  Same thing happens as the ice melts and date noted when entire lake is ice free.

This winter season our ICE-ON DATE was DECEMBER 17thICE OFF is APRIL 3, 2014.

Here are some previous dates:

ICE ON                 ICE OFF

12/17/13               4/03/14
12/29/12               3/30/13
01/04/12               2/24/12
12/28/10               3/12/11      

Navigability Report

LakePro has completed a Study of Navigability of the Christiana Lake Western Canal.  Interesting reading!

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Eagle Lake Improvement Association, INC (ELIA) 

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This coming Saturday - May 24
9:00 a.m.
Four Lakes Country Club


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